Downes Estate will be open for visitors during these weeks in 2022

  • 18th April – 24th April
  • 2nd May – 8th May
  • 30th May – 5th June
  • 29th August – 4th September 

Please pre-book – see the Visits page for details 

Welcome to the

Downes Estate


Downes is the family home of the Buller and Parker Family.  It is still lived in by the current generation of the family – Henry and Susan Parker and their children Redvers (born 1992) and Stroma (born 1995).

The attraction of Downes is the way it brings together aspects of the history of our country (particularly as the home of the famous General Buller) and the history of a family home, still privately occupied and loved by its owners, some 300 years after it was first built.  It is hoped that visitors will appreciate the opportunity to share this special place.